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Конференция РДМК-2003

For the attention of the participants of RPMG-2003

Dear participants of the annual International Business Conference "Russian Market of Precious Metals and Stones: Current State and Outlook"!

Today Russia is facing a large-scale historical task: to establish modern market economy, which would double the country's gross domestic product within the nearest ten years.

Nearly every branch is now taking part in collaborative search of the task solution. This is why we witness the union of the best intellectual efforts, consolidation and cooperation of all the authorities and public organizations, which take their interest in sustainable economy, social and political peace.

We also will focus on the task of doubling the country's gross domestic product at our annual RPMG conference, which will be held in Moscow on November 3-5, 2003 for the sixth time already. At this conference we are going to discuss the most burning issues of market relations development in the diamond and gold-and-platinum branches of economy in Russia.

In the same way as before the conference will be held under the auspices of mainly two public organizations - International Informatization Academy having general consultative status in the UN Economic and Social Council, and the Committee of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on business support in the sphere of mining, production, processing and trading of precious metals and stones and related goods.

RPMG-2003 is supported by the Soviet of the Federation and the State Duma, ministries and departments engaged in market regulations in the given branch, the largest Russian enterprises and their foreign partners, savants, distinguished public figures.

Many of the conference participants believe that the diamond and gold-and-platinum branches of economy in Russia could double their output and tertiary industries not over ten years, but five, and on definite lines - even over two-three years.

Life proves that such promising lines include diamond faceting and international sales of cut diamonds, precious metals fabrication of scrap and waste products, production of platinum-base automobile catalysts, utilization of unique home technologies for processing foreign give and take raw materials, to name only a few.

These are the high-yielding lines of the diamond and gold-and-platinum branches of economy in Russia, and these are the lines that render Russian enterprises competitive, since they have unclaimed opportunities on the world market and enjoy the support of numerous foreign partners who have been taking regular part in RPMG since 1998.

Five previous conferences have proved that the main impediments to effective development of the branch on these highly important lines are the contradictory character of the Russian legislation, expropriatory taxation as well as inertia and bureaucracy of the officials engaged in market regulations.

What can RPMG-2003 do to help diamond and gold-and-platinum enterprises overcome these impediments?

There is only one thing it can do: summarize all the previous experience related to this problem and submit the summary to the highest agencies of the Russian Federation. We hope that now when all over the country people are in search of internal reserves for rapid and stable economic growth, we'll witness the triumph of the collective thought and will of the main market relations founders in Russia - Russian market participants themselves, i.e. producers and consumers.

Organizing Committee of RPMG-2003


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