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Sixth International business conference RPMG-2003

Sixth International Business Conference "Russian Precious Metals And Gemstones Market: Today's Situation And Future Developments".
Moscow, 3 - 5 November 2003


  • The Federal Council of the Federal Assembly
  • of the Russian Federation
  • The Moscow city government
  • International Informatization Academy
  • Association of Russian Banks
  • Commercial Bank "Lanta-Bank"
  • Moscow state institute of radio engineering, electronics and automation (Technical university)


  • Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia
  • Ministry for Economic Development and Trade
  • of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Finance of Russia
  • Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)
  • State Customs Committee
  • State organisation for forming of state fund for precious metals and gemstones of Russia (Gokhran of Russia)
  • Russian State chamber for assay control at the Ministry of Finance (Russian Chamber of Assay Control)


  • Chamber of commerce and industry of Russian Federation
  • Russian Diamond Union
  • Union of gold producers
  • Union of prospectors artels
  • Russian Jewellers Guild
  • Diamond Chamber of Russia
  • Association of Diamond producers
  • Precious metals Center
  • Russian Jewellery Net
  • Association of the precious metals producers
  • European Association "Eurometo"
  • Precious metals society of China
  • World Gold Council


  • RAO "Norilsk Nickel"
  • JSC "Almazy Rossii-Sakha"
  • Smolenskoe PO "Kristall"
  • OJSC "Severalmaz"
  • Prioksk non-ferrous metals plant
  • Ekaterinburg plant for non-ferrous metals processing
  • Krasnoyarsk non-ferrous metals plant
  • JSC "Polus"
  • "NPK "Supermetall"
  • "Johnson Matthey" (England)
  • "Boliden Kontek AB" (Sweden)
  • "Demet" (Germany)
  • Anglo-American Platinum company (South Africa)
  • "Bishop Technology" (USA)
  • "Kazmykh" Corporation (Kazakhstan)
  • "Macleod Dixon (Canada)
  • Polish State Mint
  • CPM Group (USA)

Over 20 banks, investment companies from Russian and abroad will participate in the conference, including the representatives from the CIS as well as from Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Holland, Greece, Israel, Italy, Canada, China, USA, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Japan and other countries.


To stimulate the interest of, Russian and international, state, commercial, scientific and social institutions as well as that of private individuals, in the further liberalisation of the Russian precious metals, gemstones , jewelry markets. With the view to further the development of the Russian market economy, the issues regarding precious metals mining, processing of raw materials and scrap and its refining, as well as the development of the diamond complex will be discussed. Furthermore, specific business proposals for Russian and foreign companies aimed at mutually beneficial cooperation will be introduced and discussed during the conference.


  • Today's situation and future development of the world precious metals, gemstones and jewelry markets;
  • The role of Russia in the world precious metals and gemstones markets;
  • Development of legislative system of Russian precious metals, gemstones and jewelry markets;
  • The structure and functions of Russian precious metals, gemstones and jewelry markets;
  • Customs legislation regarding import and export of precious materials;
  • Investment projects aimed at the development of Russian precious metals, gemstones and jewelry markets;
  • Issues regarding the establishment and performance of market deals with gold and platinum bars;
  • Taxes on production and trade transactions with precious metals, gemstones and jewelry;
  • Precious metals and stones resources and secondary materials;
  • Prospectors artels: revival of entrepreneurial traditions in gold mining in Russia;
  • Establishing of scientific and software base of Russian precious metals market;
  • Informatization to the Russian precious metals, gemstones and jewelry market;
  • Business media influence on the development of market relationships in Russian gold, platinum and diamond industries


  • Exploration and resource calculation on precious metals and gemstones deposits.
  • Investments in precious metals and gemstones mining.
  • Problems of diamond complex development.
  • Processing and refining of precious metals (inclusive of secondary).
  • Certification of precious metals and gemstones.
  • Jewelry production and trade.
  • Areas of precious metals applications. Problems of development and application of the automobile neutralisers based on platinum metals.


The participants of the conference will have an opportunity to visit the Kremlin, Diamond Fund of Russia, St. Basil's Cathederal, museums, theatres and other points of interest.
After closing of the conference, with the assistance of the local tour agents, you can travel around the Golden Ring, which is one of the well-known and beautiful tour routes.


The conference organization inclusive of delegates' registration, excursions, banquette for the delegates is handled by non-commercial partnership "Editorial board of "Precious metals and Precious stones" magazine". The Ad dress: 125009 Moscow, PO Box 308. Tel./fax (095) 953-70-22, 434-74-38.
E-mail: dragmet@mail.cnt.ru, dragmet@rdmk.ru.


For all the participants the registration starts on 3st November from 09.00 a.m. and taken place at the Conference hall.


The official language of the conference is Russian with English translation.


  • The participants of the RPMG-2003 will receive an information brochure and a book "RPMG-2002. Documents and materials" (full text in Russian, summaries in English).
  • Printed materials, inclusive of advertising, presented at the Conference will be handed-out freely to the participants Audio and video recording of the speeches and presentations can be performed with the authors' authorization.
  • Basing on the results of the conference the following material will be published: Brochure of speeches and presentations (full text in Russian, summaries in English) and Register of business proposals (in Russian and in English). Any material can be included into these publications free of charge. Organizers take the final decision on the placement of the material in the publication.
  • The material and its appropriate translation must be sent to the Editorial Board of the magazines no later than 15 September 2003.
  • It is planned to produce a video-film (in Russian and in English) basing on the results of the conference.


Hotel "Mezhdunarodnaya", 123610, Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya naberezhnaya, 12.

Hotel "Rossia", 103495, Moscow, Varvarka street, 6.



  «Mezhdunarodnaya» «Russia»
By telephone With discount* By telephone*
Double $ 290 $ 180 $ 56
Single $ 230 $ 165 $ 52
Semi-deluxe $ 350 $ 200 $ 130
Deluxe $ 370 $ 240 $ 190

* The cost without VAT and sales tax (20% and 5%). The cost includes a lunch – smorgasbord, health-improving complex “Atlantix” services.


The rooms should be reserved no later than on September 25, 2003. Please, in order to have a discount for the reservation of rooms in the hotel “Mezhdunarodnaya”, make the written request with the conference name on E-mail: interhot@wts.msk.ru or by fax: (7-095) 258-10-18. tel.: (7-095) 253-22-87; 253-11-19. In the hotel “Russia” – by fax (7-095) 232-62-48; 232-68-83.


Registration fee is 780 USD, for guests and accompanying persons - 390 USD. The registration fee includes the participation in conference, conference materials and souvenirs, "RPMG-2002. Documents and materials", cocktail and the banquette. The registration fee for foreign participants must be made by banking transfer in USD to the following bank:

BENEFICIARY BANK: KB "LANTA-BANK", MOSCOW, RUSSIA, SWIFT CODE COLKRUMM, ACCOUNT: 04406403, BANKERS TRUST COMPANY N.Y. USA, BENEFICIARY: account 1 40703840600000000012. FOR: Editorial Board of THE MAGAZINE "Preci ous metals. Precious stones". Please mention: Payment for "Conference in Moscow". For the participants from Russia the equivalent of registration fee in Russian roubles must be transferred to the following bank account: INN 7709238278, settlement account 40703810300000000009 in Commercial bank "Lanta-Bank", Moscow, Correspondent account 30101810400000000348 BIC 044525348, Recipient: Editorial Board of precious metals and Precious stones magazine. Payment for: "Conference in Moscow".

Copies of payment slips must be faxed to (095) 953-7022.


For additional information, please contact Editorial board of "Precious metals and Precious stones" magazine.

The address: 125009, Moscow, PO Box 308, tel./fax: (095) 953-70-22, 434-74-38.

E-mail: dragmet@mail.cnt.ru , dragmet@rdmk.ru

Up-to-date information and all documents of the RPMG-2003 conference can be found in the Information center of RPMG at www.rdmk.ru.

Organizational Committee of a RPMG-2003


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