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Fifth International business conference RPMG-2002

Wishing you a successful work!

Dear participants of the conference!

Please receive my greetings in relation with the inauguration of the Fifth International conference "Russian precious metals and gemstones market: actual conditions and prospects".

It is scheduled to discuss at the conference issues of major importance related to the development of market relations in the Russian diamond, gold and platinum sectors in the general context of Russia's accession to the WTO.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of this conference. Its influence on the general social and economic situation of this particular sector is remarkable. In this aspect, it's very important that the investments of the Russian banks with the objective to provide its further development have lately noticeably increased; the production of gold, platinum and diamonds is growing, and the trade of jewellery is flourishing.

From the legislative point of view, it should be stressed that the normative and legislative basis of market relations in this industry has been created. At the same time, there are still many questions with no replies; the existing normative acts do not fit yet in the whole system, which could provide for a satisfactory, complete and multi-polar development of gold and platinum sector.

I hope that the decisions made at such a representative forum as the result of discussions of the most vital problems would give us, the legislators, actual and realistic material for our further work and would help us to bring more efficiency into the Russian diamond, gold and platinum industry, which at the end will constitute a contribution to Russia's economy and therefore to improvement of our compatriots' lifestyle.

I wish all the participants of the conference lots of success and a prosperous work.

Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Guennady N. Seleznev


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