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Fifth International business conference RPMG-2002

To the participants of the International Business Conference "Russian precious metals and gemstones market: actual conditions and prospects"

Dear participants of the conference,

Please let me welcome all of you and express my full support of your aspiration for putting into practice a true liberalization of market relations in the Russian gold, platinum and diamond industries and for their integration to the civilized world market.

Your yearly conference has demonstrated very convincingly, that a separate branch of industry - and never mind the whole economy - can be risen up to the level of world standards only via a direct and active collaboration of all the interested regions of this country. And the regions' development is obviously backed by the progress of different branches. I believe that a general success will come when the constituents of the Russian Federation will systematically and efficiently promote their own interests in such guilds and associations as this international conference dedicated to the problems of the Russian market of precious metals, gemstones, jewellery and associated products.

I am firmly convinced that the participants of the conference who represent the Central Federal District will work hard in the direction of searching for decisions of mutual convenience, which shall provide a successful work of the companies in this field, on terms of the World Trade Organization.

Please receive my best wishes in this work of yours!

  G. Poltavchenko


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